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Ansel Adams and Experimentation

Kevin Briggs

For those who have a love of the history of landscape photography — or simply for landscape photography itself — there is no greater figure on the landscape (pardon the pun) than Ansel Adams. In this relatively brief video (a little over 10 minutes), Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography once again speaks with Adams' son Michael.

The video is a small hodgepodge of information regarding Adams' life in photography, particularly how much of his exceptional acumen was self-taught.

What constitutes a specific highlight for me is the fact that Adams was always experimenting with his art, with his craft. Furthermore, as he notes towards the end of this video, his son Michael believes that such experimentation would constitute the first recommendation Ansel would make to young photographers today.

I wholeheartedly agree. Experimentation is an absolutely essential element of any true art, particularly photography.