Kevin Briggs Photography

“Peak Fanfare” and the Poetry of the Earth

Kevin Briggs

“Storms are the poetry of the earth. The intensity, the emotion, the honesty, the music. The language of darkness and light.” - Victoria Erickson

The most essential aspect of “Peak Fanfare” is that it was photographed at the beginning of a summer storm in South-central Alaska. In capturing this scene, I felt a little like Bill Paxton’s character in the 1996 movie “Twister.” I was very much chasing after this storm. 

I was driving much of the time not looking at the road, but rather looking up at the sky, observing the frenetic pace at which the wind, clouds, and the remarkably unique late summer evening’s light were all dancing.

But of course at the exact same time I also needed to find the precise aspect of terra firma to constitute a significant and profound contrast to the robust tango occurring overhead.

While I never divulge the exact locations of my landscapes — a few can be somewhat easily determined for those who have a solid familiarity with portions of Alaska — I will note that this specific locale was one I had canvassed many times prior to this capture. Thus, as the winds began to accelerate I found myself traversing very narrow trails at somewhat high speeds, the summer foliage whipping against the side windows and the windshield of my truck.

When I arrived at the scene I naturally exited the truck in haste and was nearly running with all of my camera gear in tow.

It was a fun day.