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Einstein Was Into Photography (Among Many Other Things)

Kevin Briggs
 Albert Einstein in January 1936

Albert Einstein in January 1936

Here's a rather interesting tidbit from within the history of photography of which I myself was completely unaware: Albert Einstein patented an auto-exposure camera before Kodak was able to bring such to fruition. 

According to Jayphen Simpson of PetaPixel:

Five years before Kodak’s automatic Super Six-20, Dr. Albert Einstein received a patent for a camera which could automatically determine the proper aperture and exposure to take a photograph. Yes, that Einstein.

Einstein – along with German radiologist and inventor Gustav Bucky – designed the “light intensity self-adjusting camera” independently of Kodak, whose Super Six-20 was widely heralded as the first camera with with automatic exposure. Though there were outward similarities between the two cameras, the patent drawings show that the way they worked were fundamentally different, and Einstein’s camera was never manufactured.

Einstein employed an “electric eye”, or photoelectric sensor, in his invention, which was one of his approximately 50 patents.

Another extraordinary milestone in a wholly remarkable life.