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Hasselblad's New H6D-400C MS

Kevin Briggs
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As readers of this blog know, I shoot with a Hasselblad medium format digital camera. As regular readers of my blog also know, I generally do not spend time focusing upon product announcements and/or reviews.

But the new Hasselblad H6D-400C MS is something special.

How so? Because Hasselblad has just declared it will very soon be releasing a camera capable of 400MP photos.

That’s right, 400-megapixel captures.

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The heart of the H6D-400C MS is a 100MP CMOS sensor which measures 53.4×40.0mm. The H6D-400C MS also maintains 15-stop dynamic range and an ISO range of 64-12800.

The H6D-400C MS is a medium format camera which captures individual 100-megapixel shots or which can take advantage of “multi-shot” technology (hence the MS in the title) which captures a series of almost identical photos with the camera’s remarkable sensor “shifted” by precisely 1 pixel in each subsequent shot. The individual captures are then combined to generate a single ultra-resolution image with much more detail (copiously so) than any of the individual shots.

Photographers such as myself who have always dreamed of such ultra-resolution images (think of an 8K Ultra HDTV) now have a camera body to match our dreams. True, specific landscape-photography arenas would be somewhat limited for the multi-shot captures — for technical reasons I will not explore in this blog post — but for those landscape shots which would apply, my eyes water at the prospects.

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Hasselblad has a wonderful example of the incredible detail of which this camera is capable. You can see it for yourself here.

The camera itself — body only, without lenses — is a little under $50,000. It will be available towards the end of March of this year.

A guy like me can always dream… Can’t I?